Monday, March 2, 2015

Houston, Texas!

Hola everyone!
First things first. I am in Texas. AND IT IS SO FUN!!!!!! AHHHHH! And guess where my first area is!!? Yep. It is deep in the heart of the ghetto.. We are close to down town. Not gonna lie sometimes I am scared for my life but at the same time I love it! The people here are so prepared! I have never met a group of such humble people before! Everyone we talk to wants us to come back! It is so amazing! We are working hard and staying very very busy! 

Let me introduce you to my lovely comp. Her name is Hermana Marlowe! She is the best trainer ever and get this… She is from Boise.. She went to Capital.. And she knows Amy and Henry.. AND Papa gave her her patriarcle blessing! How crazy is that?!? Having her as my trainer really is such a blessing and is so inspired! She is such a hard worker and is so diligent! We work so so so hard and we get so many blessings because of it! The key to success on a mission is exact obedience! She is adorable too! She has super blond hair. The other day we were tracting in this apartment complex and all the little Mexican children kept saying we were Anna and Elsa from frozen. My heart melted a little bit! All the little girls always come up and ask us if we are princesses. It is so cute!!! 

So my area is the bomb. We are in an area that used to be just for Elders.. But not much work was getting done so President sent in the Hermanas! And holy cow the work is exploding! Just in the time I have been here we have found 3 new investigators and have already commited 2 of them to be baptized. It was such an amazing experience. Hermana Marlowe does most of the teaching (because my spanish is still pretty lame..) and then I bear testimony and invite them to be baptized! And they say YES!!! It is so wonderful! The people here are so so prepared! Yes, it is pretty dangerous and pretty scary, but if you just listen to the promptings of the spirit you are fine! I have already had so many experiences where we are walking somewhere and we just feel we should leave. So we do and we are protected! 

The ghetto is the best place to be and it is very humbling! These people live in such humble circumstances. Most of them are just fresh out of Mexico and are trying to have more stable lives. We had a cool experience the other day. We were out knocking doors and we felt that we should go knock on this one.. I was a little nervous because it looked super sketchy, but we felt we should so we did. Anyway, this woman opened the door and invited us to come in! Her home was very humble but very clean. We could just tell she was a good person. So she invited us in and we started talking to her. We ended up giving her the whole restoration lesson! And commited her to be baptized! She kept crying and saying how we had come just at the right time. She had been having some hard struggles and had been praying for some guidence in her life. She said we knocked on her door right when she was at her lowest and really needed some help. It was so awesome! She gave us some food and we set up an appointment to come back this week! AHHH! 

The members here are awesome too! They feed us every night! I love the mexican food! They have this really fantastic drink that is pretty much hot chocolate and cornstarch. It is super thick and you eat it with pan. Ah. It is so good! The great thing about this area is that there are people from all over South America so we get to try all kinds of different foods! Yesterday we had this soup that was super pica but really good. And guess what I am eating tonight… Intestine soup.. I am a little scared. We went to a menos activos home yesterday and were talking about all the weird foods we eat. Hermana Marlowe mentioned something about intestine soup and the lady got really excited and invited us over tonight to eat it with her.. And of course we couldnt say no.. So I will let you now how it goes! Nothing like cow intestines… *barf*

Another cool thing we get to do is we teach an English class to members in the community. It is so fun! Pretty much everyone here only speaks Spanish! We teach one class at a school, two at the church, and one at the library. It is such an awesome tool to get people interested in the church! When we go tracting and people don't want to hear our message, we always invite them to the English class. They are way more willing to accept that! It is totally free and it is so fun! All the hispanics like to help me with my Spanish and I help them with English! I love it!

Thank you all for all your support and prayers! I can definetly feel them! I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week! My p day is now on Monday! Wooooo! Be good and do good things! Until next week my loves!

Hermana Christensen

p.s. And mom, my area is a driving area!

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