Monday, August 31, 2015

911 and Stake Conference


Things are on fire here. Literally. Everyone lights everything on fire.  Alsooo, the work is on fire!!! We had such a great week! We were able to set 3 baptism dates with our investigators. They are so excited! And we are excited tooo! It is amazing how when we place all our trust in the Lord, we see so many miracles! We are hoping this week to set 6 more baptismal dates with another family we found. I love Conroe! 

We had stake conference yesterday. We are very special because the Houston North Stake is one of five Spanish only stakes in the US. We are very blessed to be able to have stake conference in Spanish! It was such a good conference! Let me tell ya.. Spanish stake conference is a HUGE deal. They go all out to make it a special experience. They had fancy little programs and the choir all had their little flowers pinned to their shirts. So cute! Hispanic culture is seriously the best! The talks and testimonies that were given were so good! They talked a lot about building our foundation on Christ and strengthening the family! 

We had a bit of an interesting experience yesterday. We were out knocking doors and we get to this one door and hear someone screaming bloody murder inside. We listened for a second and it was a woman frantically screaming for help. We knocked on her door and asked her what was going on. She kept screaming and crying and told us she was trapped. We opened the door only to find a huge ferocious pitbull waiting to kill us. We closed the door before the dog got us and Hermana Lowry immediately called 911 and I just said a quick prayer. The lady continued to scream and plead with us to come in and help her. After I said the prayer, I felt a distinct impression to open the door again and go inside. So using all my courage I opened the door again and walked inside. The dog kept barking and growling at me but it stayed in a corner of the house. I literally believe angels were holding the dog back. I walked in and sure enough, there was a lady trapped under some weights. She had been bench pressing and her arms gave out and she was stuck. I was able to get the weights off her and help her up. She was fine after that and we went on our merry way. One thing that I have learned on my mission is the importance of following the spirit. We always need to act on promptings! You might just save a life! :)

Well have a wonderful week this week! Say your prayers and read your scriptures!! I love you all! 

Herm. C.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Milagros! Milagros! Milagros!


We had such a wonderful week! First of all... Once upon a time Hermana Lowry and I decided to fast and pray to find prepared people and then we found 20 NEW INVESTIGATORS this week. AHHHH! They are all families! And each one is so prepared! I have never met more prepared people in my entire mission! Let me tell you a few stories that will pretty much blow your minds...

So on Tuesday our car broke. It was such a struggle because we had to walk all day long while it was getting fixed. And it was HOT. Like 120 degrees hot. Anyway, we were out knocking a few doors and weren't having very much success when all of a sudden this little 8 year old girl walks up to us. She came up to us and was like, "do you guys teach about the bible?" And we were like YES! We teach about the bible.. and so much more! And then she said, "Oh good! My mom wants you to come teach our family...." UM WHAT. So we go over there and teach the whole family (its a family of 6) the Restoration. They loved it and now are reading in the Book of Mormon every day and we are getting ready to set a date with them to be baptized. AHHHH! They are so prepared! 

We also found a list of referrals in our apartment. It was about two pages long and none of them had ever been contacted! Gah! After our car was fixed we decided to go out and try this one family on the list that lived out in the boonies. It took us about 35 minutes to get to their home. We pulled up and they were having a huge fiesta! Haha! There were just a bunch of jovenes practicing for a quincinera. They were all doing some sweet traditional dancing though. Anyway, me and Hermana Lowry just kinda awkwardly interrupted and asked to speak with Leticia. We go over to talk to her and she gives us a big hug. Then she grabbed our hands and said, "Are you the missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?" We were like yesssss! She then got a little emotional and said, "I have been waiting for you for 5 months. I want you to come in and teach my family." I guess 5 months ago she was with a friend and the missionaries came over and shared a little message. She was so touched by it that she requested missionaries to come to her family! And the stinkin missionaries that served here never went to go see them until now!!! AHHHHH! She invited us in her home and made us eat her tortillas and introduced us to her husband and her children. They are so solid. When her husband met us, he looked right into our eyes and said, "You guys are representatives of Jesus Christ, aren't you?" WHAT. WHAT INVESTIGATOR SAYS THAT? They have such a light about them. We got to teach them the Restoration this week and they loved it! They both commented that they felt like we had answered all the questions they had ever had in their entire lives. Little do they know we have so much more to share with them. They loved it so much that they came to church yesterday! They drove 40 minutes to come to church! AHH! They are going to be baptized! 

We have had so many little miracles like that this week. I wish I had more time to share them all! Needless to say, we have successfully found an entire new teaching pool of people to teach. Actually, we didn't even really find them, the Lord just gave them to us! I have such a strong testimony now of the power of fasting and prayer! Hermana Lowry and I made a goal to fast once a week. We fast every Sunday and boy do we see the blessings! If any of you haven't figured it out yet, I want to invite you to fast and see for yourself the power of it! 

Well have a wonderful week! Read your scriptures! Say your prayers! Go to church! Serve with all your might! AND FAST!!! 

Hermana Christensen


Monday, August 17, 2015

New Transfer

Hola mi amigos!!

Como estais? Este semana fue marvillosa! Yo tengo una nueva companera, se llama la Hermana Lowry! She is the BEST. I love her so stinkin much! We are pretty much blowing Conroe up. We had so many miracles this week! 

So Conroe has been kind of a "dead" area for such a long time. People haven't really been progressing and the work hasn't been moving very fast. Hermana Lowry and I decided it is time for that to change. We have been praying and fasting (which by the way, there is POWER in fasting) to receive guidance on what to do with this area. We decided to take a huge leap of faith and drop almost all of our investigators and start fresh. And holy guacamole! We have seen so many miracles. We have spent hours in the 120 degree weather just finding people and boy have we found them. We have about 5 new families who are super prepared! We also have found a bunch of part member families who are also super prepared! It is amazing how when you work hard and put your trust in the Lord, you see His hand in all you do! We are going to have such a great transfer! Ahhh! I am so excited! 

We have zone conference on Wednesday. I am so excited! President Mortensen is such an amazing teacher! I always have my mind blown every time he teaches us! 

Today I was studying what it means to be a minister in relation to strengthening active members, less actives, and recent converts. I was reading in Ephesians 4:11-16! So good! I learned that our responsibility in the church is to teach by love. As we do this, the people we teach will come closer to the Savior. And as people become closer to the Savior, they become more unidos en la fe. I just LOVE the gospel! 

Have a great week this week! I love you all! Read the Book of Mormon every day!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015


Hello Friends!

We had such a wonderful week this week! We found a bunch of new investigators to start teaching. We have a new family and they are SO SPECIAL. We actually didn't find them.. they found us! They just walked into church last Sunday and loved it! We were able to go teach them the restoration this week! The wife told us that she has been searching for truth her whole entire life and she feels like she has found it! AH! They are so prepared and so ready to receive the gospel! I am so excited to get them ready for baptism! 

I stepped in a pile of fire ants this week.. again. My feet and legs are covered in little bites. It was very traumatic! Haha! It has also been over 110 degrees every day this week. I am soooo ready for summer to be over! 

We had zone meeting this week! I love zone meetings. We talked about teaching as the Master teaches. The key to teaching effectively is listening. Truth really does reside in the learner. As we listen to those we teach, we will be able to pull out truths and help them find what they already know. I have noticed this week that as I have done a better job at listening to my investigators, my teaching has become so much more powerful! 

We have transfers tomorrow! Ahhhh! Hermana Haslam is going to H10 with Hermana Rupp. Shes going to my old area with my old companion. I am so jealous! H10 will forever be my favorite place in the whole world. I really love the country but by heart will forever be in the ghetto! Haha! Someday I will go back and serve there! I am staying in Conroe for another transfer! Yay! I really love Conroe! 

I hope you all have a great week! Look for ways to share the gospel with everyone! The world needs the light of the gospel! 

Love ya bunches,
Hermana Christensen

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello Friends!

This week was so great! We saw so many miracles! We were able to set three new baptismal dates! Wooooo!! We have an investigator named Melissa who is pretty much a member. We go over to teach her and she already knows everything. Her testimony is so strong! I literally learn so many things from her when she shares her little insights. She is going to be baptized at the end of this month!! I also convinced her that I am from Mexico. And to this day, she still thinks I am a native! Haha! 

Hermana Haslam talked me into going to the Heritage Museum last P-day. It was almost as cool as the Potato Museum in Blackfoot ID. Heh. We also got the cops called on us this week! It was a week of many adventures.. We were out visiting Melissa and the manager of the apartment complex thought we were out soliciting, so she called the cops. It's all good though! They understood! 

Welll.. Once again I don't have a ton of time.. Have a great week my loves!! Do your family home evenings!!!!!! 

Herm. C.