Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello Friends!

This week was so great! We saw so many miracles! We were able to set three new baptismal dates! Wooooo!! We have an investigator named Melissa who is pretty much a member. We go over to teach her and she already knows everything. Her testimony is so strong! I literally learn so many things from her when she shares her little insights. She is going to be baptized at the end of this month!! I also convinced her that I am from Mexico. And to this day, she still thinks I am a native! Haha! 

Hermana Haslam talked me into going to the Heritage Museum last P-day. It was almost as cool as the Potato Museum in Blackfoot ID. Heh. We also got the cops called on us this week! It was a week of many adventures.. We were out visiting Melissa and the manager of the apartment complex thought we were out soliciting, so she called the cops. It's all good though! They understood! 

Welll.. Once again I don't have a ton of time.. Have a great week my loves!! Do your family home evenings!!!!!! 

Herm. C. 

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