Monday, March 28, 2016



Esta semana fue llena de milagros! Aprendí muchas cosas! I just love
being a missionary!

We had a family history training this week. It was so good! President
Mortensen is so inspired. He is starting this program with us where we
are going to start teaching family history classes to the community,
in colleges, schools, library's, ect. He created these lesson plans
that teach step by step how to use family search and how to do
research. We have been piloting them in colleges and they have been
crazy successful. The classes are jammed packed! They have been so
successful that family search actually called President and told him
they want to take his programs and implement them across the church.
It is going to bless the lives of people all around the world!! I have
really gotten into family history being out here on a mission. We are
only given an hour a week to actually do it, but I am learning a lot!
It is so much fun! And super addicting! And it is super effective to
convert people to the gospel! Family history can turn hearts! And the
Book of Mormon can change them. I can't think of a more powerful tool
for missionary work!

We had an awesome week! We had a lesson yesterday about the Atonement
during church. I was sitting next to Oralia. Right after the class
ended she turned to me and just started telling me all the revelation
she received during the class. She said she had never understood the
Atonement until now. It was a really tender moment. The best thing in
the world is watching people realize they have a testimony. She is
getting baptized at the end of April!

We had another encounter with a southern preacher this week. We
usually have about 1-2 a week. Haha! At the beginning of my mission, I
never knew how to react when people bluntly tried to fight with us.
Now I just kind of laugh to myself when people start going off. I have
learned that the best thing to do is just to patiently listen and then
bear powerful testimony and then leave them with a card. I have a lot
of good stories to tell y'all when I get off mission.

Well I hope you all have a great week! Read in the Book of Mormon
every single day! I love you all!

Hermana Christensen

This is our English class! And Nacho libre corn aka "Helote"

Monday, March 21, 2016

Me encanta ver el templo

Hola! Hola!

Sorry I was unable to write last week! We had to fix a car. Haha! We
are seeing so many miracles! I love being a missionary. This past year
has been the best year of my entire life. I just can't believe it is
quickly coming to an end. (Wipe away the tears)

Anyway, Oralia is finally getting baptized! Woooo! We have been
working with her since I got to H6! She is the most golden
investigator I have ever been blessed to teach! I love her so so much!
We have been fasting with her and helping her get all prepared for her
baptism! It is going to be so beautiful!

We had the opportunity to go to the temple last week! Our mission is
gearing up to start this huge family history initiative next week. It
is really amazing. We have started is thing called, "faith meets
families." Every fourth Friday of the month the temple is reserved in
the evening for recent converts to take their family names to the
temple. It is literally the cutest thing ever! We have been having so
many little recent converts go for the first time! Anyway, in
preparation for all the family history fun, President Mortensen told
us we could go to the temple if we found our own names. Everyone in
our district found one and we were able to go and do all the work for
our ancestors! It was amazing! I have only been to the temple three
times on my mission and so it is always so great to go! I didn't
understand the importance of family history until I came out on my
mission! Everybody do your family history!!

I have gotten to the point on my mission where I have to eat tortillas
and salsa with everything.

We had our ward conference yesterday. It was so uplifting. Every
Sunday I always feel so uplifted! The Houston 6th Ward is a very
Celestial place. We talked a lot about Sabbath Day observance and the
importance of the sacrament. I never realized how important the
sacrament was until I came on my mission. We literally can not return
into the presence of God without the sacrament. I would hope that
there would never be anything that would take priority from being at
church on Sunday!

Well I love you all! Here are some pictures from the temple! We also
decided to have a war today for Pday. It was a really dumb idea.
Hahaha! I am covered in flour as we speak.

Con mucho amor,
La Hermana Christensen

Monday, March 7, 2016


Transfers! It literally just feels like we had transfers. Time is
going by so so fast! I will be staying in Houston 6 for yet another
transfer. I'm really happy because I love this area! My little
compañera is getting sent away from me. This whole training experience
has been really fun! I am going to miss her!

We had MLC this week! We talked a lot about helping the missionaries
teach the "why" of the gospel. It is one thing to present doctrine and
something else to help people understand how it applies to them.  We
should always have the end goal in mind and before we teach anything,
we should ask why.

We had a surprise visit from Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson (General YW
President) and Sister Carol M. Stephens (1st Councilor in the General
Relief Society Presidency). They met with all the sister missionaries
and gave us some training! I learned so much! This Sunday we have
Stake Conference and Elder Dallin H. Oaks is coming! I am starting to
wonder if the church is going to move to Houston because everyone
keeps coming down here to visit! Haha! It is so awesome to have the
opportunity to meet with so many General Authorities!

In other news.. I finally got sick. I thought I would make it out of
my mission without ever missing a day. Nope. I woke up Saturday with a
high fever and was out of commission all weekend. It was literally the
worse experience of my entire life. Haha! Missionaries can not afford
to be sick! There is too much to be done!!!

The Easter initiative starts this Sunday! I am so excited! As
missionaries, we get a special sneak peak at the video before it comes
out. It's really good this year! I'm so pumped to use it in our
finding and teaching efforts! I would like to encourage everyone to
share the video with everyone when it comes out!

Well, have a great week! Read your scriptures!!! Love you all!

Hermana Christensen