Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello Everyone!!
We had a great week!! I got to go on exchanges to the Woodlands with Hermana Larson. She is pretty much my soul sister. The Woodlands is like this fairy-tale forest filled with really really rich people.. There are mansions for daysss. It is so gorgeous! We were able to find a ton of really special people to teach!! Exchanges are always a blast! 

Here in Conroe we found a child prodigy. We found their family in a dress shop the other day and started teaching them the restoration. Turns out their 9 year old son had been taught by missionaries before and reads in the Book of Mormon every single day. He pretty much taught us the Restoration. He knew everything. It was a miracle!! He was asking us who our favorite Book of Mormon prophets were and everything. He also taught us about all his favorite stories! So cute!  We are so excited to be teaching them and helping them come unto the waters of  baptism!

We have been focusing a lot this week on helping people do their family history and take names to the temple. Family History is such a great way to participate in the work! Everybody do your family history!! 

Well friends.. Sorry this is so short! Have a great week and read your scriptures!!! 

Hermana C.

Monday, July 20, 2015


This week was a very interesting week. Let me start with the story of how I had to sing in front of President Mortensen.... Once upon a time there were some elders who were going to have a baptism on wednesday and they needed a musical number. But unfortunately, these elders struggled a little bit with planning... So they asked me and Hermana Haslam the morning of the baptism if we could sing a little something something in espanol. Hermana Haslam told them we would. I was not a happy camper when she told me. Just because I have never sang a duet with anyone before and my vocal abilities struggle hard and also, we were jam packed with appointments. We barely had any time to prepare, but we were able to pick a song and run through it a couple of times. Wellll... The baptism was supposed to start at 7:30 that night and we had an appointment at 6. We went to our appointment and the people we were teaching decided that it was story time. They talked non stop until 7:20 when we finally had to just tell them we had to go. We jumped in the car and tried to speed to the church. We didn't get there until about 8:00 because there was a huge train that decided to just chill for like 15 minutes. I thought we would be ok because usually when Hispanics say it starts at 7:30.. what that really means is 8:30.  Well we get to the church right after the baptism had been performed. As we walk in, guess who is there.. Yep. President and Sister Mortensen. I wanted to die. I felt so bad for being late but at the same time I was kinda relieved because I thought maybe we got out of our musical number. Hehe! But the elders were so kind to make sure we sang... They called us up there and we pulled out Hermana Haslams ipad to use to read the words. The lady at the piano started the intro before we even had it pulled up.. So we had to stand there for like 10 awkward seconds waiting for the words to pull up... Then we sang and it sounded horrible and I wanted to die the whole time. Haha! It was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing after wards because I couldn't believe what I had just experienced. After the baptism, I went and made a personal apology to President and Sister Mortensen. They just laughed and said it was great. My life. The end. 

We were able to extend four baptisms dates this week. We are working hard with all of them to get them ready to make and keep covenants! We have a cute little family that is getting ready to be baptized! We just need to get them to come to church... Pray for them!!! This area is so fun! We also got to go see wild alligators last pday. We went to this members house who owns a bunch of land and he took us on a little safari adventure in the back of his truck. It was a blast! The gators were just swimming around in the lake! There was about 20 of them! I shed a tear when we left because for the first time in my life I could say "see ya later alligator" to a bunch of alligators. Mark that off my bucket list. 

Well I hope y'all have a wonderful week this week! Keep doing the things that bring lasting happiness! I love you all! 

Hermana Christensen

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hace Calor....

Hello Friends!
It is really hot here in Texas. Really. Hot. And no one believes in air conditioning. I have never been so sweaty in my entire life. My mission has turned me into a better person spiritually but physically.. I am just always kinda nappy. Its whatever! We had another great week in good ole Conroe. I have learned that each area has different struggles and strengths. One of the biggest struggles in this area is getting people to read the Book of Mormon. For the first time in my life I have had people tell me they won't read the Book of Mormon because they don't want to or because it doesn't interest them. It makes me so sad. We are trying really hard to get them to understand that the Book of Mormon is so key to their conversion. If they do not read the Book of Mormon, they are not going to understand the fullness of the gospel. And if they don't understand the gospel, they are not going to be able to make covenants and qualify for eternal life!!! READ THE BOOK OF MORMON PEOPLE!!!!!!! Just a voice of warning to anyone who does not read from the Book of Mormon every single day.. I have seen that the biggest reason for people becoming less active is failure to read from the sacred pages of the Book of Mormon. Testimonies slip when they are not consistently being fed from the scriptures. We are promised that as we read from the Book of Mormon every single day, we will receive the strength to endure in our trials and afflictions. Everybody read the Book of Mormon!!!!!! 

We taught a bunch of lessons this week! We have done a good job at talking to everyone and teaching as we find. We were able to find 12 new investigators this week! I love this area and the people so much! We also had Zone Meeting this week. I love Zone Meetings! They are always so spiritually uplifting! We were told that the Texas Houston Mission is the top mission in the South West right now as far as baptisms and retaining members and finding. It is so fun to be involved with such a great work in such a great place! 

Fun fact, one of the members lives on an old Boy Scout camp and it is filled with Alligators. Honestly, I had no idea gators lived in Texas.. But I guess they do! There are also a bunch of wild hogs and armadillos everywhere. It is like I live in a little zoo! Haha! 

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love ya! Keep smiling and serving everyone around you!

Hermana Christensen

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th!

Hello Friends!
So we had transfers on Tuesday! I was so nervous! It felt like I was leaving my home again and stepping into the unknown. Haha! But is was really fun none the less. I am now blessed to be serving in the beautiful town of Conroe Texas! It is so different from my last area... I am in the middle of the country and I love it! We actually cover four little towns; Conroe, Montgomery, New Caney, and....... Cut n' Shoot. There is literally a town called Cut n' Shoot. And one of the only churches they have there is the Church of the Cowboys. Yes it is a real thing. I think they call it Cut n' Shoot because people will literally shoot you if you are on their property. They paint purple lines on the trees and if you past the trees, they are allowed to shoot you. It is a little concerning.. These people are a little bit insane. But it's cool. We still love them!  Haha! Anyway, my area is GORGEOUS. We are in the middle of the forest. It is so green and there are lakes and trails and deer and flowers and ahhhhhhhhh! I feel like I was made for this place! The people are awesome! They all live in trailers or little houses that look liked they were built in the 1940s. And fun fact, the Texas flag was created here in Conroe. And so there is a lot of Texas pride here.. I have never seen people so obsessed with a state before. Its a little weird. There is also a ridiculous amount of stray dogs here. I have serious PTSD around dogs now. We went to a less actives home the other day. We opened her fence and walked up to her front door and as we were walking, this pack of pitbulls came running at us from around the corner. We both screamed and ran out and slammed the fence right before they got us. I hate dogs so much. On the bright side, I am getting in really good shape because I have to run away from them so much. Haha!  

My new companion is Hermana Haslam. She is so awesome! We work so hard! I am learning so much from her! The ward here is awesome too. It isn't very big but the people are so humble and so willing to help us. They love the missionaries! One of the families told me I had really good Spanish and I cried a little inside. There is another family here that is literally obsessed with missionaries. They have a photo album filled with all the missionaries. And for their family vacations, they go to visit all the families of the missionaries. Haha! They even make shirts for all the missionaries that has their family name on them. They are so sweet! 

The work here is awesome. It is a little more difficult just because there are not many people here. My last area had hispanics everywhere! It was weird to see white people in my last area. Now we have to work a little harder to find the hispanics because everyone is white! But we have some awesome investigators and we have made some goals to help them progress towards baptism. 

We actually had a really cool experience the other day. We were out contacting some people when this man started yelling at us to stop. He ran over and asked us if we were the Latter Day Saints. We told him we were and he just started to cry. He said that when he was in the army he had a friend who would take him to our church on Sundays. He said he hasn't been in three years but he knew that we had something different. He then started to tell us that he had just found out that his wife had been unfaithful to him. He said he didn't know why he should live anymore. He told us that he had been praying all day for the Lord to send him help and guidance. He told us that he saw us and felt the strongest feeling to go talk to us. We were able to share with him a message about the Savior and teach him the power of the atonement. The spirit was so strong and he just cried and cried. As we ended with a prayer, he looked so different, he looked like he had peace. We told us he wants to come to church and take lessons. We got his info and gave it to the English elders and he is now started to take the steps to baptism. It was such a powerful experience to be the means of answering someones prayer. The church is so true my friends! 

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all! Read your scriptures and say your prayers! 

Hermana Christensen