Monday, June 27, 2016

We had such a great week! I have never felt so much joy in the work! Over the course of a mission you go through days that are really good and days that are not so good. I have honestly felt like every single day over these last few weeks have been incredible! The Lord is blessing us so much!

So a member referred us to a FAMILY OF 6! The member said he was outside getting his mail when his neighbor came over and asked him if he was a pastor. The member was like, no... Then the neighbor said that he has seen him put on a white shirt every Sunday and go to church with his family. He wanted to know why. The member explained to him that he has been going to church for about 30 years and how it has blessed his family. The neighbor was so fascinated and told him to send us over! We went over to meet them and they are perfect. As we were leaving, they said (in Spanish), "We just really want to know what it is that makes our neighbor go to church every week." PREPARED. 
We had a mini zone meeting this week. We have been working so hard to increase the faith in this zone! We sat everyone down and counseled about goals and our vision. My other sister training leader companion had the idea to have everyone write their negative perceptions of the zone on little pieces of paper and then we buried them in the ground. We were "burying our weapons of war". Alma 24: 15-18. Haha! It was super cheesy but it pumped them all up.  It has been crazy to see the miracles as we have come together with the Lord! My very first week here, the zone had eight investigators at church. Yesterday, we had 21! And they keep coming! We also had four baptisms this last weekend! It was amazing because this zone "doesn't baptize." Everyone is getting really excited! It makes me so so so happy to see them succeed! Everyone is starting to understand that when we work with the Lord, miracles are bound to happen! I LOVE THIS MISSION.

I got to go back to H6 yesterday for a baptism. Gaby got baptized! She was an investigator that I taught when I was over there! She is from the Dominican Republic and is so cool! It was so wonderful. The spirit was so strong! I just hugged all the members and we just all cried because we all miss each other. That ward will always hold a very special place in my heart. My other investigator Juan is getting baptized soon! So I will get to go back again for his baptism. Woooo!

I can't believe I only have three weeks left. The mission has become such a part of me that I can't imagine doing anything else. When I think about all the things I have learned, my heart is filled with gratitude. I had no idea the Lord would bless me this much. It has been such an honor to serve Him over these last 17 months.

I love you all!! Read your scriptures!!

Hermana Christensen

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hola! Hola!

Hola! Hola! 

This week was so crazy! We have been working harder than ever and I am exhausted! (please note the extra bags under my eyes in these pictures.. haha) BUT. We have seen so many miracles! Missionary work is the most fun when you work until you're about ready to die. We had to drop a lot of our investigators this week. They just weren't keeping their commitments or they had to flee the country. It was sad, but it needed to be done. We were left with a very slim teaching pool... So Hna Twitchell and I put on our walking shoes and knocked all day every day. It was so fun! And so hot! And there were so many miracles! Not only did we find a bunch of bomb people, but we also recieved SIX referrals from Six people in our area were just randomly looking on and referred themselves to us. We were able to get in contact with all of them and they are all so awesome! I have come to see again and again that the Lord will never withhold blessings when we do our part. He is bound when we do what He says! 

More miracles! So we have been working really hard to increase the faith of our little zone. Yesterday we fasted as a zone for those whom we wanted to see at church. We told all our missionaries to text the zone whenever a miracle happened! It was so cute. Yesterday we doubled our church attendance as a zone. Everyone was so excited! It makes me so so happy because they are starting to see that they can succeed with the help of the Lord. 

I have come to accept the fact that I am going home. I have been working on the myplan program. It has really helped me see that going home from your mission is not the end of the world. Haha! Heavenly Father did not intend for us to only be happy for 18mo-2years of our lives. There is so much more that is coming!

Have a great week! Read your scriptures! 

Herm. C. 

Monday, June 13, 2016



Sorry this will be a little short... We don't have much time! 

So I was sent to the Louetta ward! It touches H6. Haha! We actually live in the H6 area and our neighbors are some of my old investigators. Hahaha! Its actually really sad to drive through H6 everyday. I miss that ward so much. But all is well because the Lord has a different assignment for me in this new area! President actually talked to me the other day and gave me a pretty intense assignment for my last transfer. I have been sent to an area and a zone that is "hard". I have spent a lot of time on my knees this week and we have already seen so many miracles. I have met with my fellow zone leaders this week and we have set a bunch of goals and made plans for how we are going to strengthen the faith here. Its going to be such a great transfer! I am so excited! 

My new comp is Hna Twitchell! She just finished her training and is really cute! I feel so blessed to be here with her!

Have a great week! I really am so so sorry this is short and lame. Next week will be better! I promise! 

I love you all! The church is true! Missionary work is the best!

Hermana Christensen