Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

Hola amigos! 

This week was by far the craziest/ best week of my mission. I have never been so stressed and happy at the same time! Haha! Hermana Jorgensen was transferred away from me on Tuesday. Transfer meeting was really sad. Hermana Rupp and Hermana Marlowe both went home this week. I got to say goodbye to them. I am going to miss those two so so much. They both changed my mission and taught me so much through their examples. I am really trying to be the kind of trainer for my new companion that they were for me. 

My new companions name is... HERMANA VANDYKE. She is so awesome! She is like 6ft tall and has such a strong testimony of the gospel. I love her so much. We have been having such a great time together. I am really grateful for the opportunity to train her. Not that she really needs any training, she is pretty much already trained! We are just working hard on the Spanish. :) I have already seen so many miracles this week. We made a goal that we are going to contact 15 people every day. We worked hard this week and found a lot of people who are prepared for our message. It is awesome! 

Miriam also got baptized this week! It was so beautiful! It was such a spiritual experience for her and her family. It was such a fight to get her to the font though... I have never worked so hard in my life to get someone ready to be baptized. It just goes to show how much good she is going to do! Satan works really hard to keep people away from the safety of covenants. Her husband had such a powerful experience. He had always been a little hesitant to listen in on our lessons. After the baptism, he couldn't stop crying. Miriam was joking around with him and told him that he was next to be baptized. He just looked at us and nodded his head. Eeeee! The church is true! We are going to work really hard with him! 

Well I hope you all have a really great Christmas! I love you all! 

-Hermana Christensen

Monday, December 14, 2015



Mamas having a baby! We got transfer calls yesterday.. I'M TRAINING! I
get a fresh little baby straight from Mexico! They are coming on
Thursday!  I am so so excited!!! We are going to tear it up down here!

In other news... I also got called to be a sister training leader!
Bring on the stress! I get to go on a bunch of exchanges with all my
hermanies in my zone and I get to talk to President every day and go
to meetings and teach zone meeting. Ahhhhh. I feel super unprepared
but it is going to fun.. And stressful.. Keep me in your prayers!

We won the Zone activity this month. This Zone is always killing it!
We got to play sports with President Mortensen today. It was super
fun.. And also super muddy. It has been raining a ton here!

So Jose didn't get baptized this week... He disappeared off of the
face of the earth! We literally have lost all contact with him and
have no idea what happened! But we do have a baptism this Saturday
with our home girl Mirriam and possibly her daughter Melanie. I have
to get them all ready this week! It is going to be awesome!

Last P-day we bought a bunch of ugly sweaters and ran around downtown
taking pictures. It was super fun! I love Houston!

Sorry this is a little short! I have a ton to do! Eeeeee! I love you
all! Read your scriptures and say your prayers!

Hermana Christensen

Monday, December 7, 2015

This week went by so fast. My poor companion was sick all week with a
sinus infection.  We got to take a field trip to the Doctor. Being in
the clinic just threw me back to my CNA days. Haha! But she is getting
better so all is well!

We had Zone conference this week! It was so awesome! We learned how to
better work with Ward councils. Lucky for me, the Ward council here is
incredible! So much gets done! I am so blessed to serve here in this

Guess what!? We get to go to the temple this week! I am so so excited!
It's been so long since I have had a chance to go to the temple. For
all those back home who live super close to the temple... You need to
go as often as you can!!!! There is so much strength that comes from
serving in the temple!

We also get to go work in the peanut butter factory this week. All we
do is screw lids on for a few hours... Woo! Fun fact, all the peanut
butter of the church comes from this factory in Texas. Pretty cool
huh? So next time you are at the bishops storehouse or welfare square,
appreciate the peanut butter.

 We have been working with our investigators who have baptism dates a
lot this week! Jose is going to be baptized this Saturday! We are so
excited! He is so ready! Also Mirriam and Meleni are going to be
baptized next week! They are super ready as well! Keep them in your
prayers this week!

Well... The rest of this week is kinda a blur.. Sorry this is a little
short! Have a great week! Go to church! Read your scriptures!

Hermana C.