Monday, April 25, 2016


Hailee Christensen

This week was so CRAZY. I made it on the Houston news.. Again. Haha!
The floods have destroyed so much here. My area got it really really
bad. We have a lot of Ward members who lost their cars and homes. We
have been doing service all week to help clean up! On Thursday we
helped this baptist church distribute disaster relief supplies. People
were lining up to get help. I had never seen so much need before in my
life. It was very humbling to talk with them and listen to their
stories. As we started, another huge storm rolled in. The rain and the
wind came pounding down and we had to run to get all the supplies
inside the church. People started panicking and started stealing the
supplies. It was so crazy! We had to do some serious crowd control and
try to calm everyone down. Once the storm died down, everything was
fine, except for the fact that we all looked like wet raccoons. We
distributed food, clothes, and other things to help them out. If you
want to look it up, it is on the internet somewhere. Haha! Look up
Houston flood, Harvest church, Greenspoint district, Mormon
missionaries, something like that. Haha!

cute. I just love her. The spirit was so strong.

We met this new investigator named Karina. She is super awesome! She
is actually a professional make up artist. We actually met her because
she came up to us and said we had cool eyes. Then she asked if she
could do our make up. We said yes but only if we could teach her. Heh
heh. We went over today and she did our make up and we taught her. It
was a win win for everyone.

We had transfers! I am staying in H6. This will be my 5th transfer
here! Ahhhh! So crazy! I am so happy though! I love H6 so much!

Well, be good! Read your scriptures and say your prayers! Sorry this
is so short!

Hermana Christensen

Monday, April 18, 2016



Quick little update. Houston is flooded. AGAIN. We literally got NO sleep last night because world war 3 was going on outside. The lightning and thunder was shaking our apartment and the water was coming down!  We had water coming into our apartment and everything was flooding outside. It was so intense. We lost our running water this morning (#NoShower) but all is well now! The cancelled school and work for everybody. We have just been chillen and calling everyone to make sure they are all ok. Yay for natural disasters. 

This week was so awesome! We changed the way we contact and it has been bringing so many families! Ahh! We have been asking people what God desires for their family in this life and in the next and then we start teaching them about the restoration/eternal families using Mathew 16. We have had people cut us off and invite us right into their home to tell them more. We end our contact by telling them that we have evidence and that we would love to come back and share it with them. They flip out and get so excited. We found five super prepared families last week plus a bunch of other people! People are searching for this message!! 

ORALIA IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! POR FIN. That woman and I were best friends in the premortal life. I can just feel it. Haha. We just always talk about deep doctrine and what she is learning in Jesus the Christ. She is so awesome! I love her so so much! We are already planning to go to the temple with her to do baptisms next week.  

We have transfers this Sunday.. I am really worried I am going to get transferred considering I have been here for almost 6 months. H6 has become my home. I love these people here more than anything! 

We had stake conference yesterday. We are in a English/Spanish stake. The English members here are a hoot. There was one old couple wearing matching raccoon hats. And another little kid wearing swimming goggles. Oh Texas. 

Well, I love you all! READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. 

Hermana Christensen

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hola Amigos

Hola amigos! 

We had a really great week! It was actually a bit of a "harder" week just because a lot of our plans fell through. Grrr. BUT, because a lot of our plans fell through, we were able to find find find! And that always brings so many miracles! We found this man named Jose who just moved here from Utah. He told us he had been taking the lessons in Utah and wanted to get baptized soon! He was so happy that we had found him! Woo! Blessings! It seriously blows my mind how many prepared people we have found here in this area. People will seriously just walk up to us and be like "Here I am, teach me!" It just goes to show how you can plan all you want but this is still the Lords work. He will lead us to those He has prepared. 

We had interviews this last week! They were so good! I know I say this all the time but I just love President Mortensen. I just want to follow him around and write down everything he says. Haha! It has been such a blessing to be sent to this mission! 

We had a great ward council yesterday! Obispo had each leader choose a family that they were going to minister to for the next three months. The spirit was so strong as we were all lead to those whom the Lord knows are ready to come back. There are going to be so many miracles as the leaders in this ward reach out to those in need. We also reviewed our goals for the year as a ward. My greatest desire in life is to reach our sacrament meeting attendance goal. I feel this is one of the most important numbers in the church! It represents how many people are receiving a remission of their sins each week! Hermana Childs and I decided that we are going to focus all of our planning around the names behind these goals. I feel like we don't focus on the ward goals as much as we should. These goals reflect those whom the Lord would have us reach out to so that we can build and strengthen His kingdom. Woo! Ward goals!

Well, I love you all! Thank you for all the letters I have been receiving recently! Haha! I will try my best to write you all back! Sometimes I am really slow... Disculpame! Have a great week and read your scriptures! 

Les Quiero Mucho!
La Hermana Christensen (O como los hispanos dicen "Creestenseen")

Monday, April 4, 2016

Still Struggling for a Clever Line

Still struggling to think of a clever subject line..
Hailee Christensen