Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello Friends!
This week was really good! First of all we had another "hurricane" hit us. One thing about being a missionary that is kinda fun is that you never know what is going on in the real world. So sometimes you just get a text from your leaders saying a hurricane is coming and your just like, alrighty then. Haha! But really.. We didn't get hit as hard as other places from what I have been told. It just rained for about 48 hours straight and the wind got a little crazy. But this storm was nothing compared to the other one we had a few months ago! Texas weather is crazy. 

We had our missionary fireside last night! The spirit was so strong! And Francelia was asked to bear her testimony. She did such a great job! It is so wonderful to see faith grow in others and watch their testimonies develop! We took a big van down with our district and some of our investigators and our ward mission leader. It was so fun! All of our investigators loved it so so much! 

We had interviews with President this week. I love that man so much! He is so full of wisdom! I could just sit with him for hours and study the scriptures. He blows my mind. Haha! 

Transfers are this Sunday.. I will most likely be transferred to a new area. I don't really enjoy being transferred. I miss everyone too much! But its good to grow and get new experiences. I just really love Conroe!!! 

We are finding new people like crazy! We set a new baptismal date with one of our new investigators named Leticia. She is so prepared! She told us straight up that she had been waiting for someone to help her be baptized. I am so pumped for her! Reina and Sherly were supposed to be baptized this week but we have to move it back a week. They just need a little more time! Keep them in your prayers this week! 

I love you all! Have a good week!!!! Serve your friends! 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Christensen

Monday, October 19, 2015

This week was so so great! To start, Francelia and Esmerelda were
baptized!!!!! It was such a special baptism! Baptisms are always so
stressful to get everything ready, but they always turn out to be a
really special experience! The spirit was so so strong! And we had
great Ward support! Once again me and my companion had to sing... It
was really special... Haha! We sang A Child's Prayer in Spanish.
Neither one of us can sing but the spirit was there none the less! All
the members think that if you are a missionary you automatically have
musical talent. They think it is some kind of package deal. Haha! I
love missionary work! It is the best!!!!!
The rest of this week was a blur.. I honestly can't think of anything
else that happened.. Oh! Here's a neat story.. So Francelia told us
that before we ever knocked on her door she dreamed that we came and
taught her! She said she never forgot that dream and never knew what
it meant until we found her! How cool is that!?!? She is so special
and is going to bless the lives of so many people!!!!
Today we went "hiking" as a district. There are no hills in Texas so
it was super lame. We are getting ready to carve pumpkins right now!
I hope y'all have a great week this week! Be good and read your
scriptures!! I love you all!
Hermana Christensen

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hello Fam!

We had such an awesome week this week! So many miracles! We have been working really hard trying to get Francelia and Esmerelda ready for their baptism. They are getting baptized this Sunday! Eeeeee! They just had their interview yesterday so we are good to go! Keep them in your prayers this week as they continue to prepare! 

We took them to the temple tours yesterday. The temple tours are always so powerful! We took a big van down with all of our friends and our ward mission leader! It was so fun! Esmerelda and I sang primary songs in Spanish all the way to the temple! She is so cute!  Francelia told me she felt such a peace as we walked around the temple grounds. It was a great experience for her and it really elevated her vision. I asked Esmerelda how she felt as we were at the temple and she yelled out INCREDIBLE! So cuteeee!!! It was great to take them and show them that their baptism is really just preparing them for greater blessings in the temple. 

I had to eat chicken heart soup this week. Add that to my list of nasty foods I've experienced on my mission. Haha! Conroe had their annual "catfish festival" this week. There's Texas for ya. 

I hit my 9 month mark this next week... October 14th!  It has gone by way to fast!!!! Ahhhhh!! I can't believe I am half way done! It still feels like I just got here! 

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all! Read your scriptures and say your prayers! 

Herm. Christensen

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hola! Hola! 

We had such a great week! I love missionary work! We had five of our investigators come to conference on Sunday! They loved it! We had a picnic with Francellia and her daughters in between conferences and we taught them the commandments! We ate PB&J and fruit and it was so fun!  They are getting ready to be baptized this next weekend! Yay! Her little girls brought us flowers wrapped in little Frozen coloring book pages. It was so precious and I may have cried!  I love their little family so so much! 

We also had Reina and her family come to conference! She loved it! I think she took more notes than I did! It is such a blessing to have living prophets  and apostles to lead and guide us! If any of you didn't get the chance to watch conference, WATCH IT! It will change your life! 

I had the opportunity to go on an exchange to the Oakcrest ward this week! It was so fun!! I got to be with my home girl, Hermana George. She came out with me and was in the CCM with me. It was fun to see how much our Spanish had improved from the CCM! Haha! 

We only got chased by about 4 dogs this week, an all time low! Its a miracle I haven't been bit by one yet. Every day just feels like a scene from Forest Gump. 

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all! Read your scriptures everyday! Sorry this is a little short.. I have to go get my haircut so people stop mistaking me for a homeless person. Haha! 

Be good! 

Hermana Christensen