Monday, July 4, 2016


This week was so GREAT! We are being so blessed!

So remember the Rivera family?! The referred family of 6? They are
amazing! We were able to go and teach them the restoration this week!
It was such a spiritual experience! Maria (the wife) was so fascinated
as we shared the Book of Mormon with them. She just couldn't believe
that there was another testament of Jesus Christ. It was really cute!
The rest of them were listening so intently and were so excited to
read and come to church. I feel so blessed to be placed in their path
and help hem become an eternal family.

We also found another little family! It's a single mom and her
daughter! They are so prepared. We taught them the restoration this
week as well! After we shared the experience of Joseph Smith, the
daughter was like, "are you serious! He actually saw them?" Then they
both proceeded to tell us that they knew it was true. Then the mom
started to cry and told us that she's been having dreams of her mother
recently. We were able to testify and tell her that her mother is
waiting for her to accept the gospel. I have noticed again and again
how we are not alone in this work! I have had soooo many experiences
where the ancestors of our investigators help them accept! I am really
grateful to them!

We also had zone meeting this last week. It was my last one. I was
able to give some training on leadership in relation to observing and
the gift of discernment. I really love this zone. They have changed so
much over these last few weeks! The things that we implemented in this
zone are being implemented across the whole mission! The Lord is
really hastening His work and we are seeing so many blessings!

Para qué sepan... At the beginning of the year, all the zone leaders
sat down with President Mortensen and we prayed about a goal to set
for baptisms. By the end of this year, the Lord would have us baptize
600 people in our mission. Anyway, last May we were behind for our
goal. We decided that we were going to fast once a week as a mission
so that we would be able to catch up. This last June was the highest
baptizing June ever in the history of this mission! And July is going
to be even bigger! It is crazy how the Lord really can do His own
work. If we do what He says, we are bound to the blessings that He has

Anyway, I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Christensen