Monday, December 14, 2015



Mamas having a baby! We got transfer calls yesterday.. I'M TRAINING! I
get a fresh little baby straight from Mexico! They are coming on
Thursday!  I am so so excited!!! We are going to tear it up down here!

In other news... I also got called to be a sister training leader!
Bring on the stress! I get to go on a bunch of exchanges with all my
hermanies in my zone and I get to talk to President every day and go
to meetings and teach zone meeting. Ahhhhh. I feel super unprepared
but it is going to fun.. And stressful.. Keep me in your prayers!

We won the Zone activity this month. This Zone is always killing it!
We got to play sports with President Mortensen today. It was super
fun.. And also super muddy. It has been raining a ton here!

So Jose didn't get baptized this week... He disappeared off of the
face of the earth! We literally have lost all contact with him and
have no idea what happened! But we do have a baptism this Saturday
with our home girl Mirriam and possibly her daughter Melanie. I have
to get them all ready this week! It is going to be awesome!

Last P-day we bought a bunch of ugly sweaters and ran around downtown
taking pictures. It was super fun! I love Houston!

Sorry this is a little short! I have a ton to do! Eeeeee! I love you
all! Read your scriptures and say your prayers!

Hermana Christensen

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