Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello Everyone!!
We had a great week!! I got to go on exchanges to the Woodlands with Hermana Larson. She is pretty much my soul sister. The Woodlands is like this fairy-tale forest filled with really really rich people.. There are mansions for daysss. It is so gorgeous! We were able to find a ton of really special people to teach!! Exchanges are always a blast! 

Here in Conroe we found a child prodigy. We found their family in a dress shop the other day and started teaching them the restoration. Turns out their 9 year old son had been taught by missionaries before and reads in the Book of Mormon every single day. He pretty much taught us the Restoration. He knew everything. It was a miracle!! He was asking us who our favorite Book of Mormon prophets were and everything. He also taught us about all his favorite stories! So cute!  We are so excited to be teaching them and helping them come unto the waters of  baptism!

We have been focusing a lot this week on helping people do their family history and take names to the temple. Family History is such a great way to participate in the work! Everybody do your family history!! 

Well friends.. Sorry this is so short! Have a great week and read your scriptures!!! 

Hermana C.

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