Monday, August 17, 2015

New Transfer

Hola mi amigos!!

Como estais? Este semana fue marvillosa! Yo tengo una nueva companera, se llama la Hermana Lowry! She is the BEST. I love her so stinkin much! We are pretty much blowing Conroe up. We had so many miracles this week! 

So Conroe has been kind of a "dead" area for such a long time. People haven't really been progressing and the work hasn't been moving very fast. Hermana Lowry and I decided it is time for that to change. We have been praying and fasting (which by the way, there is POWER in fasting) to receive guidance on what to do with this area. We decided to take a huge leap of faith and drop almost all of our investigators and start fresh. And holy guacamole! We have seen so many miracles. We have spent hours in the 120 degree weather just finding people and boy have we found them. We have about 5 new families who are super prepared! We also have found a bunch of part member families who are also super prepared! It is amazing how when you work hard and put your trust in the Lord, you see His hand in all you do! We are going to have such a great transfer! Ahhh! I am so excited! 

We have zone conference on Wednesday. I am so excited! President Mortensen is such an amazing teacher! I always have my mind blown every time he teaches us! 

Today I was studying what it means to be a minister in relation to strengthening active members, less actives, and recent converts. I was reading in Ephesians 4:11-16! So good! I learned that our responsibility in the church is to teach by love. As we do this, the people we teach will come closer to the Savior. And as people become closer to the Savior, they become more unidos en la fe. I just LOVE the gospel! 

Have a great week this week! I love you all! Read the Book of Mormon every day!!!!!

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