Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello all my darling friends and family! How is life??
Let my tell you about this week. It was amazing! I. LOVE. MY. MISSION. So i'm not going to lie.. when I first got to my area, the ghetto kinda scared me.. But after a few days I got over it and I love it so so so much here! AHHHH. Houston is the bees knees. Hermana Marlowe and I get strange looks every where we go. Two white Idaho girls in skirts hiking around the shady streets of Texas is quite a sight to see! Haha! The great thing about this area is that every day you can count on someting strange happening. It is such a weird culture here! It is a mix of central america and korea and texas. The people crack me up! Everyone here is so so funny. And so so kind! 

Which leads me to my next point.. Because the people are so kind.. They also like to feed us. All. The. Time. If anyone wants to know what the hardest thing about a mission is, it is trying to squish 4 dinners into your body and acting like everything is fine. The Latinos love to eat! Everytime we have a cita we get fed. And they get so offended if we dont eat it ALL. Sometimes I want to cry because there is so much food in me. It is a real struggle. We eat so many strange things too! We had spagettii (Not sure how to spell that), scrambled eggs, and ham for dinner yesterday. I was instructed to mix it all together.. It was interesting. So far I have eaten pig skin, octopus, and… cow intestines.. The cow intestines were so terrible. I had to pray I could eat it without gagging. Somehow I got it down. I have a solid testimony that there was some divine help with that one! Good times. 

One of my favorite parts of this mission is teaching the English classes! We teach english to all kinds of people! We have russians, chinese, korean, and a bunch from central and south america in our class! It is really interesting because they all speak a different language and some how we can all come together and learn english! It is so fun and they are all so cute! 

This week has been great but also a little rough. I have learned that the Latinos are totally open to hearing our message.. but keeping commitments is a whole other playing field. No one likes to keep commitments! It is really hard because they can't progress if they are not coming to church, praying, or reading the Book of Mormon. It gets a little frustrating because they say they will and then they won't! We could use some prayers! On the bright side, we have so many "investigators" that we don't know what to do! We are always crazy busy because everyone wants us to come back! It is great!!! 

Have a great week everyone! I miss you all! Remember that when ever things get hard to pray and then get to work! I have learned that the best way to be happy is to put off the natural man and just lose yourself in the work! Always be willing to share the gospel with everyone! It is amazing how many people are prepared and ready to hear! Always be in a position where you can feel the Holy Ghost and act! I know that as you do this that so many blessings will come! Hasta Luego my dears! 

Hermana Christensen

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