Monday, March 16, 2015

Hola Hola! Como esta? 
Life is just fab here in the hood! We had such an amazing week! Let me tell all y'all a little story… So once upon a time there were two missionaries who were having a difficult time helping people keep commitments! Then one day they decided to pray and fast that they would be able to find people who were serious about the gospel and prepared! And all of a sudden they had all these miracles! The end. Seriously, we have had so much success this week! Let me tell you about one of our investigators! She is from Honduras and is probs one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Anyway, we knocked on her door and she started talking to us! And you will never guess what she said. She is seriously like every missionarys dream investigator! She said that when she was a young girl she used to live next to a Mormon church in Honduras. Her family was very Catholic but she never really believed it! She said that she used to beg her mom if she could attend the Mormon church, but her mom would always forbid it. So every Sunday she would sneak out, sit outside the chapel, and just listen to the members sing hymns! Umm what!? (While she was telling us this she then proceeded to sing a hymn out of our hymn book from memory) She then told us that she wants to be baptized and is so grateful that she finally has the opportunity to be a member! And hermana Marlowe and I just stood there with our mouths open. So she has a baptismal date in April! She is keeping all her commitments and is so ready! It was such a blessing!

We have had experiences like this all week! People will literally come up to us, ask us who we are, and then tell us they have always wanted to learn about Mormons and they want us to come teach their family! It is so AWESOME. At the end of this week and we counted all our new investigators. If all goes well, we will have at least 15 baptisms next month!! 15! AHHHH! It is such a blessing! And I know it is because we have been working hard and being exactly obedient. When we show that we will do our part, the Lord will trust us with more people! Missionary work is so amazing. 

Many of our investigators also said how they had friends in the past who were LDS! We had one guy say how he would watch how his LDS friend would act in school and he always respected him. So, my dear young friends.. You are such an example! Please please please always act in a way that shows what you believe! Because some day your friends might meet some missionaries and they might say that they want to learn about the gospel because of your example! You guys have such an impact on everyone you come in contact with! Always act in a way that the Savior would be proud of! You are helping missionary work just be being an example! I am so grateful for the friends of these people I have the opportunity to teach! Because of their examples, these people are ready and have a desire to learn! Woooo! 

We had to teach Young Womans this week. The president came up to us and asked us to teach right after they had their opening exercises and stuff. We had like two minutes to prepare.. But it went really well! It was kinda fun to be in Young Womans again! I love church here! 

Well that is all I have to say… You are all so amazing! Thank you for your emails and love and prayers! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

Hermana Christensen

P.S. We get to go downtown today!! AHHHHH!! I am so excited! We have an elder who is getting ready to go home so our mission president gave us special permission to go downtown as a district! So I will have some pretty rad pictures next week!! Yay!

P.P.S. I ate raw fish this week.. And it was actually kinda good.. And I also ate a buch of peppers and they made me cry. haa…ha. 

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