Monday, April 6, 2015

Hola mi amigos!
So conference pretty much changed my life. In the mission, conference weekend is the equivalent to Christmas. I couldn't sleep the night before conference because I was so excited!! Haha! I loved all the talks that were given! Especially Elder Bednars.. and Elder Hollands.. and Elder Anderson.. and Elder Uchdorf.. and all the other ones! If you didn't get an opportunity to watch conference, go watch it right now! We had a neat experience where we had this random family text us and ask if they could come to church! So of course we said yes! They came and watched conference with us and they LOVED it! They loved it so much that they want us to teach them and they want to come to church again next week! Ahhhhh!! Yay for conference!

Soooo this week is transfers week.. dun dun dunnnn.. Here is how things are usually supposed to go down.. When you get into the mission you are trained for 12 weeks by a lovely trainer! Then they leave you and you are supposed to take over the area. But things are a little different for me…. Hermana Marlowe is getting transferred this week. She is needed in a different area.. which means Hermana Christensen is taking over the hood! And I have only been here for 6 weeks! Ah. Not only that, but I am also getting another area to have stewardship over. I am so excited/ freaked out!! It is very very intimidating but I know that the Lord wouldn't ask us to do anything we couldn't handle. I am actually pretty excited because this new area that we are getting has so much potential. It is FILLED with apartments of people just waiting to hear the gospel. We are going to do some serious damage in there! I am so sad my trainer is leaving though.. I love Hermana Marlowe so much!! But I know that who ever comes to replace her will be awesome and that we will make miracles happen! 

Well I don't have much time this week, we have a lot to do before Hermana leaves! Take care my friends! The Church is True!

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