Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello Everyone! 

So I started this week with two companions and now I just have one! We were all driving to an appointment on Tuesday when we got a call from President. He told us that there was a situation in another area with some Hermanas and he needed Hermana Woodard to pack up because she was being transferred to that area. It was really sad because we were all really good friends. We took her to her new area and now it is just me and la hermana Rupp. It is so much fun! The missionary work in this area is progressing so fast. Things are a little crazy just because we are pretty much white washing the second area… But we are learning and we are seeing so many miracles! Hermana Rupp and I made a huge plan to help the missionary program in this ward. After we created it, we have seen a huge increase in this ward. We are all working together to do visits and bring others to come unto Christ! It is so so awesome!

We have been able to have so many lessons this week! Let me tell you about a little miracle we had! Hermana Rupp and I were walking down the street when this man came up to us and asked us who we were. We told him we were missionaries and he immediately asked for some information. We set up a cita with him to come and teach and he was so excited! We have given him the first two lessons so far and he is progressing so fast! It is amazing to see the people that the Lord has prepared to receive this message. We had another miracle where week! We were walking down the street and this car pulled over by us. At first we were a little worried but then this little old woman got out. She walked over to us and said that she knew us. It turns out that she was a super menos activo member of the ward! She hadn't had contact with anyone from the church for years. She gave us her address and we are going to visit her this week! Wooo! 
Tender Mercies all around!

We went to a mexican birthday party this week. Mexicans have this super fun tradition where after they sing happy birthday, instead of blowing out candles, they smash the cake into the face of the birthday person. Then everyone grabs a piece and they have a cake fight. It is so crazy and so much fun! The Mexican people really know how to party! Haha!

Sorry this is a little short this week! Thank you all for your emails and for your support! I love you all! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

Hermana Christensen

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