Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sketchy Bees

Yay for P day! This week has been so much fun! I seriously LOVE it here! This is probs the most fun I have ever had in my entire life! First of all.. Thank you all for your emails! They make my life! I am so sorry I can not respond to each of you individually! I love you all so much! Also.. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY JOSHY!! I hope your day was super fun! And mom and dad and fam, thank you for the cards you put in my luggage! I loved them! You are all the best!

Ok. Story time. So this week has been super great! My Spanish is actually pretty good! We finished teaching Alejandro and we are now teaching two new investigators named Miriam and Mirna. They are just our teachers but it still feels totally real! When we taught our very first lesson to our first investigator, we could only talk for like 15-20 minutes. Now Hermana Jorgensen and I can teach for a solid hour, no big deal. So here is a neat story. We watched a devotional the other day from Elder Bednar. He said that often we pray (when learning a new language) to have our mouths filled before we will open them, when we really just need to prepare, study, and open our mouths and then they will be filled with what we need to say. Well... We were teaching Miriam her first lesson and I had the strongest impression to invite her to be baptized. I have been trying and trying to memorize the baptismal invite but I just can not seem to get it. Well there I was with no notes or anything and feeling like I should invite her. So I decided to test out Elder Bednars words. And it was amazing. I started saying it and the words just came! I was able to say the whole thing to her without hesitation. The spirit was so strong and she actually started to cry. Then I started to cry and then Hermana Jorgensen started to cry and it was great. Probably one of the most spiritual experiences of my life! I have learned that as we prepare and exercise our faith, we will receive promised blessings. The church is so true my friends. 

So I got stung by a bee this week.. It was just hanging out in my hair and when I brushed it away it decided to sting my finger. Hermana Jorgensen was freaking out because it was really weird looking and she thought I was going to die. I made her take the stinger out but she only got half of it! Haha! My hand has been swollen and red for like 5 days and we could not figure out why. I was freaking out because I thought maybe my hand would have to get cut off or I would have to go to some sketchy mexican doctor. This went on for a couple of days and then we realized it was just the other half of the stinger. No biggy. So we performed a quick little surgery and all is well. Moral of the story, bees in mexico are really scary and Hermana Jorgensen is never allowed to touch me ever again. 

Every monday night we have family night with our zone. We play signs and have a spiritual thought and sing hymns and its super fun! Well every time a district gets ready to leave, they pass down these objects to some of the other missionaries. Its been a zone 12 tradition for years. They are things like the special string, the book of knowledge, this jar of peanut butter that has been passed down for who knows how long, and so forth. Its like the highest honor to be given one of the items. Well, our zone leaders where getting ready to leave and they brought out the most treasured and sacred one of them all: the metal soccer ball. The metal soccer ball is the top of a trophy (the CCM used to be a high school) that some missionary got a hold of years ago. It has been passed down in our zone FOREVER. It is seriously legendary. Well guess who got it! Yup. Me. The zone leader himself passed it down to me. All the elders in my district are so jealous. Our district leader keeps begging me to let him have it. There are a bunch of notes inside the ball that missionaries have added over the years. You can only get them out of this tiny hole in the ball with tweezers. Hermana Jorgensen and I have been working on it for a couple days and so far we only got one. But we keep telling the Elders that we got them all out.. and that they contain all the secrets of the CCM. Its pretty great. 

Funny story! So we made friends with this little old man in the comidor (where we get our food). His name is David but we call him king David. He is so funny. During dinner he will go smuggle some ice cream bars, hide them in his jacket, and then discretely pass them to us. Its the best. There is also a forbidden forest here. It is this little patch of trees that no one is allowed to go near. Legend has it that one time an Elder was playing ultimate Frisbee in the forest and ran into a tree and broke his face. Everyone is always cracking Harry Potter jokes about it (the forbidden forest, not the elder). Its so funny. There are also some cannons somewhere near the CCM that go off every once in a while (at least i think they are cannons)... So we always joke that its like the hunger games.. because we are district 12.. and there are cannons.. so its funny. And sometimes when we are trying to go to bed we hear some mexican man yelling over a megaphone. We always crack up laughing because it sounds EXACTLY like the guy on Nacho Libre who calls out the names before the wrestling match. Mexico is my favorite place ever! 

Some of you asked me about the food. So let me tell you. It is FANTASTIC. Sometimes the breakfasts are really weird.. Like on Sundays they always feed us sub sandwiches. And sometimes there is this weird dish that looks like hot dogs in salsa. Mexicans just dont really like breakfast foods. I am getting used to having tacos in the morning though. It  is so good. The chocolate milk here is to die for. It is literally just melted chocolate ice cream. I love it!! Except the people of mexico do not like cold drinks.. so the milk is always warm and that grosses me out a bit.. but it tastes so good so its fine! 

Some one else asked me about my schedule.. So here is a brief summary! We wake up, get dressed, go study for 45 minutes. Then we eat breakfast, have an hour of gym time, and go to class for 3 hours. Then we have lunch, have personal and language study and then more class for 3 more hours. Then we eat dinner, go to language study, have companion study, daily planning, and then go to bed.. And the cycle continues! Its super fun though! The days fly by because there is literally not a moment where we are just sitting around! 

Mom and Dad, there are some websites I would like to share with you.. one is and the other is The whole dearelder thing doesnt really work here! But these two will! You can send letters and packages! What ever you want! Everyone keeps getting letters and treats from their family so feel free to send me something!! PLEASE. Hermana Jorgensen just got a box of krsipy cremes! I have no idea how her mother pulled that off but we are feasting tonight!! Haha! 

Well, take care my darlings! I love missionary work and I love this gospel! Do good things and say your prayers! I love you all!! 

Hermana Christensen

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