Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feliz Dia de Marmonta‏

Hello! Hello! Hello!!
How are all y´all doing? This week went by crazy fast!! I cant believe it is already p day again! Thank you all for the emails! First things first... Jarett. You have better be kidding when you said One Direction broke up. I almost cried when I read that. Just kidding! But for realzz.. That better be a joke! So I had a couple of super sweet experiences this week!! First of all, it was fast sunday this week! It was so cool! We had a fast and testimony meeting in our little branch. I felt so strongly that I should go up and bear my testimony! Except I was a little nervous because it all had to be in español! So I prayed and told Heavenly Father that I was going to go up and bear my testimony but I was going to need a little bit of help with the language! So I walked up there and just started talking! Not really sure what I said but I was able to do it! It was a testimony builder to me that when we pray we also have to act! Action on faith brings blessings! It was so awesome! 

We now have three investigators that we are teaching! I love teaching investigators! The spirit is always so strong and it feels so good to share the gospel with people! On Wednesday we have this thing called TRC. I am not sure what it stands for.. i think its teaching random converts.. but dont quote me on that! Anyway, we go into this room and teach a random person. Some of them are members and some of them are just people they pull off the street. We had our first one last Wednesday. I had felt I was doing pretty well with my Spanish.. then I went in and talked to a couple of people and completely lost all my confidence. Haha! Just kidding! It was an awesome experience but I had NO idea what they were saying half the time! The Mexican people talk so fast!! One lady was saying something about the gospel and then all of a sudden she was talking about frijoles. I was super confused! Haha! It was an awesome experience though! And for only having 3 weeks of Spanish.. We did pretty well! I am excited to do it again tomorrow!

I have made lots of friends with the Latinos here! I think they think I am a native because they always come up and start talking to me.. I just smile and nod and act like I know what is going on! I LOVE the Hispanic people! They are all so funny and humble and I love them all! I made friends with some Latino hermanas! I help them with English and they help me a ton with Spanish! We are always talking and having fun even though half the time we cant understand each other! Its great! There is a cleaning lady named Claudia who is pretty much one of my best friends. Hermana Jorgensen and I do service with her on Wednesdays and she is the coolest lady ever! I LOVE MEXICO!!!!

This week I was introduced to the game of cage soccer.. During gym, we have a big group of hermanas who will get together to play! We call ourselves the Cage Hermanas! It is so fun! Usually I hate soccer but this is intense. Pretty much its just soccer that we play with this rock hard ball inside a cage. It is soooooo much fun! I have played it almost everyday! My legs are pretty black and blue but it is so worth it! Haha! When I get back, I will introduce you all to the glory of cage soccer!

Here is your funny story for the week! Yesterday there were a bunch of cannons and fireworks and mexican music blaring outside in the city! We all thought it was because it was groundhogs day! Haha! So we asked our teachers if the people of Mexico took groundhogs day very seriously.. I wish you could have seen their faces! They had NO idea what we were talking about! Haha! Try explaining groundhogs day to someone.. Just try. And now try to do it in spanish. They could not believe that we recognized a holiday where a groundhog just comes out of his house to see his shadow! It was the funniest thing ever! They totally thought we were joking! We made them look it up to prove that it was a real thing! It was so so so hilarious! 

In other news, we went to the temple today!! Unfortunately, the temple is closed because they are fixing the cooling system so we didn't get to go inside.. But it was still great none the less! The temple is about 40 minutes from the CCM so we got to go on another fun ride through the city! It was so much fun! I kinda like Mexico City.. at first it scared me but I like it now! You just would not believe how different it is from the USA. We got to go to the visitors center at the temple! It was wonderful! Even though we didn't get to go inside the temple, it was still great to just be near it! There is such a wonderful spirit there! I bought a Mexican shirt and a Mexican backpack at the little gift shop. I'm pretty much look like a native now!

Well keep me posted on all of your lives! I love and miss you all! Thank you for all of your support! I know this church is true and I am so blessed to be a missionary!! Until next week!! 

Hermana Christensen

p.s. here is a sad story.. the cord to my camera is gone.. I was pretty sad because I thought I couldn't send any pics this week..  But luckily one of my companions has the same camera and let me borrow hers until I find it. The end.

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