Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Life Lessons and Maggot-y Mangos‏

Hey there bears! Que paso?? So this week went by ridiculously fast. I can not believe that it is already p day again! Time is flying!! Anyway... Not a whole lot happened this week! Just class.. class.. and more class.. Dont get me wrong! I LOVE it here!! But I am getting ready to go out in the field! Only two more weeks! WAHOOOOOO!!

So on Sunday we watched Meet the Mormons. It was my first time seeing it and it wasnt what I expected! It was super good though! As I was watching it, I realized how amazing it is that people all over the world are influenced by the message of El evangelio de Jesucristo (the gospel of Jesus Christ). Watching how the gospel has changed people made me super pumped and excited to go out and share it!! Wooo! Yay for missionarys! 

Let me tell you something I learned this week.. So the whole time I have been here I have thought that my Spanish has been pretty fantastic! Until this last week.. I have no idea what was up but for some reason this week, the language was just really hard! I had a humbling experience when after a lesson, my teacher told me my Spanish seemed really basic. It made me kinda sad at first because I thought I was doing super good! But then I decided that there was no point in getting all sad about it! We are given correction so that we can learn and grow. And learn and grow I did! I decided to fast for help with learning the language! I fasted and have been pouring out my soul every day to the Lord for help! I have learned that there are a few things we need in order to qualify for the gift of tongues. First, we need to pray, pray, pray, and pray some more! Next we need to be actively working to receive the promised blessings! I have been speaking the language as much as possible and have been studying my little buns off and holy cow the blessings have come! By the end of this last week, I knew more vocab and phrases then ever before! And the lessons started to come a whole lot easier! I feel like a switch was just turned on in my brain because the Spanish is starting to really click! During our lesson we had with our investigator yesterday, I was able to share personal experiences as well as doctrine for the first time ever! Every thing just flowed together! So moral of the story... If you are struggling with anything in your life, forget yourself and get to work! :)

So I decided I haven't really told you much about my lovely comp! So here we go.. Hermana Jorgensen is from Gilbert Arizona and is pretty much my soul sister. She likes space cat shirts, movie quotes, and of course the gospel! I love her to death! She is such a blessing! And the great thing is that she is going to Houston with me! We have two other Hermanas that we hang out with pretty much 24/7! They are in our room with us and in our district and are going to Houston too! Their names are Hermana George and Hermana Gaylor! They are both super funny and we all get along smashingly! I really got blessed to have such amazing girls! 

We decided that our casa is in the ghetto of the CCM. Literally, our house is a dump. There are these massive spiders and cucarachas. It is quite nasty! None of the other houses have this problem! All our grass is dead and our lights are always flickering! It is so fantastic! The bathroom is.. well.. nevermind.. And I have all ready told you all about the mysterious sounds of the city we hear all night! Haha! And for some reason.. Every night our casa phone rings at precisely 11:16pm and wakes us all up. I guess it is just all part of the CCM experience! Haha! It is just funny because all the other Hermanas have these lovely clean homes with flowers and cute yards. Not that I am bitter or anything! Living in the ghetto just builds character! 

Let me tell you the story of my mango addiction. The comidor has had fresh mangos for us every single day! It has been so wonderful! I have been eating mangos like they are going out of style! Until Saturday.. Hermana George was cutting open her mango and it was filled with MAGGOTS. I was disturbed for days. So just as soon as it started, the addiction has ended, and I will never eat another mango again. So theres that. We have also been getting so much helado from our friend, David. I will send a picture of him! Haha! We have a meeting place outside the comidor where he deals us the ice cream! It is so funny! Also.. In other news, It has been about 80 degrees every day here! I have gotten pretty tan. I think I could be considered a native. Just in case you were wondering!

Well my loves, I hope all is going well in the states! I miss you all and am sending lots of love! Thank you so much for all the emails!! You are all the best!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Christensen 

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