Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

This week was awesome as always! My area is sooooooo sketch! It makes
for a lot of interesting stories that I can tell y'all after the
mission si quiere. Haha! This week we had a mission conference with
Elder Packer! It was so good! He talked a lot about using different
resources from the church to find new people to teach. There was a big
emphasis on family history and how we can use it to get new
investigators. During the conference, Elder Packer told us to role
play a family history lesson with our companion and to think of new
ways to present it. Little did he know that President has already gone
over this with us months ago and we were all well prepared. Then he
asked President Mortensen to pick some missionaries to come up front
and do it in front of the whole mission. President looked right at me
and Hermana Jorgensen when we were practicing and told us that we were
going up so get ready. He sure does love to pick on us.... I was super
nervous because we had to represent the whole mission and show that we
are powerful teachers! No pressure. President first picked Elder
Murdock and Elder Schloer (the elders that serve with us in our Ward).
Lucky for us the Elders did such a bomb job that we didn't have to go!
They just went through the outline President had given us and the
spirit was so strong as they were teaching! Elder Packer was so
impressed. So impressed that he is sending representatives from Salt
Lake to come and see what President is doing to our mission. They want
to start implementing some of his ideas into other missions and into
the church. One thing that I love about President Mortensen is that he
really cares about the work and works hard to help us be the best
teachers we can be! This mission is so awesome!

We have like 50 baptisms coming up. Not really. But we do have a ton!
The Lord keeps throwing prepared people at us and we barely have
enough time to see them all! We have a baptism in two weeks with this
man we have been teaching. He is on fire! He know so much about the
Book of Mormon and he always tells us how he knows it's true! We also
have another one coming up with this lady named Oralia. She has a
strong testimony as well! We have a goal to have 8 baptisms before the
end of the year. As of right now we have 3 people with dates but we
are planning to set 4 more this week! And hopefully 3 more in the next
few weeks! Pray for these people!!!

I also got to go back to Conroe for a baptism! Sherly got baptized! It
was so great! I had to give the talk on baptism. There was such a
special spirit as she entered into the water. She is going to be a
little relief society president someday. Haha! She's awesome! :)
Blessings for dayyys!

I need some of you to get on Pinterest and look up how to get rid of
tortilla wings aka flabby arms. Send some stuff my way por fa.

Thanksgiving is going to be awesome! Literally everyone in the Ward
wants to feed us... They all love us a lot which is great.. But at the
same time, if I have to eat 7 thanksgiving dinners I am going to throw
up. I'm excited for a Hispanic thanksgiving! Turkey tacos and pupusas
con salsa! Woo!

 Hermanie Jorgensen turned 20 yesterday! We ate a lot of cake. Today we
are going to the mall with President Mortensens daughter. We love her!
She just got back from her mission and she likes to hang with us. We
are going to start taking her out to teach with us. She is also going
to give us all her mission clothes so there's that. We are pumped!

Well I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Read your scriptures and say
your prayers!

Hermana Christensen

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