Monday, May 30, 2016


We saw a ton of really cool miracles this week! I learned the
importance of following the promptings of the spirit! It was such an
awesome week!

Miracle #1: Oralia finally went to the temple! It has been a struggle
to help that woman find names so she could go! We finally went on
Friday. When we got in the car to go, a HUGE storm rolled in. It was
so bad! The roads started to flood and everything was a mess. Oralia's
family has been waiting soooo long for their work to be done and the
temple was only about 20 mins away so we (Oralia, us, and the relief
society president) decided that it was worth the risk. As we were
driving, we felt a distinct impression to take a different route to
the temple. It was a route that was longer and potentially more
dangerous during flooding due to the fact that it was right by the
bayou. We decided to obey and took that route to the temple.
Everything was fine and eventually we made it to the temple. Come to
find out, the road we were driving on first had been shut down because
the water had gotten too deep. If we hadn't listened to that prompting
we could have gotten ourselves into a potentially dangerous situation.
 But because we did listen, we made it safe and Oralia was able to have
an INCREDIBLE experience at the temple.

Miracle #2: On Saturday, we were walking back to our car after an
appointment when we ran into this man. He was just standing around and
jamming to his beats like most people here enjoy doing.. He was a
little creepy and was right in our path to get to our car. I have
learned that whenever there is a risk of getting mugged, the best
thing to do is to approach them before they approach you. Haha. We
gave him a smile and asked if we could share a card with him. He was
actually very nice and we started getting into a gospel discussion
with him. A few minutes later, this other man walks up out of no where
and starts doing sign language to us. He was slow of speech but we
could understand him if we listened really close. He told us that he
was a member church and attended the deaf Ward. After a few minutes,
we ended up giving the creepy man a Book of Mormon and went on our
way. The deaf member told us that he had been sitting in his apartment
watching basketball when suddenly he felt something was wrong. He said
the feeling wouldn't go away so he walked out on his porch to look
around. He said he saw us talking to that man and felt like he should
go down there to be with us. It was so cute to see his little
testimony grow as he realized he had listened and acted on a
prompting. The Lord protects His missionaries.

Miracle #3: About a month ago, Bishop gave us an assignment to visit
this less active that no one had ever met. We stopped by her house
many times but she never answered the door. This last week, we kept
getting a prompting to go visit this lady. We went to her apartment
complex and started walking towards her apartment. On our way there,
we saw this Hispanic girl hanging her laundry out to dry on a clothes
line. We felt like we needed to go over and talk to her. As we walked
over there, she looked up and her jaw dropped. She started jumping up
and down and yelling, "Hermanas! Hermanas! You speaking Spanish?" We
were like, "Si!" She got all teary eyed and then proceeded to tell us
that she was baptized about two years ago in Honduras. She had just
arrived to the United States about a month ago (about the same time
Bishop felt prompted to have us visit the less active). She didn't
know any English and had no idea where she could find the church. She
told us that this last week she got on her knees and pleaded with the
Lord to send her the Spanish speaking missionaries so she could go to
church and take the sacrament. She was all smiles and kept saying, He
answered my prayer, He answered my prayer! It was so tender. Turns out
she is the next door neighbor of the less active. Her and her brother
are the only members in her family! We are going to baptize the rest
of them!

I can not even begin to explain how many miracles and blessings I have
seen here on my mission. These last 16 months have been the greatest
of my life. I know that the Lord is very in control of His work. It
has been such an honor to represent our Savior and be a tool in
blessing the lives of others.

Have a great week!

Hermana Christensen

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