Monday, January 18, 2016



We had such an amazing week this week! We had two really cool miracles that I wanted to share with you all....

1. So once upon a time, Hermana V and I were out visiting this less active. We go and knock on her door and.. she wasn't home. So we walk back to our car. As we are walking back, this other car pulls up and this hispanic lady jumps out and starts waving at us and smiling really big. We had no idea who she was but we waved back and went over to talk to her. She runs up to us and gives us a big hug and then looks at us and says, " I have been looking for you for three years!!!" Turns out she had been taught by missionaries in Honduras and was getting ready to be baptized. Then she unexpectedly had to escape to the USA for some reason and lost all contact with the church. She told us that she knows the church is true and wants us to teach her so she can be baptized. WHAT. I have no idea what we are doing right but we literally just get handed prepared people all the time! The church is true! We are super excited to teach her and help her take those important steps to baptism. 

2. There is a less active family in our ward who haven't been to church in over 10 years. When I got to this area, our bishop pulled us aside and told us we really need to focus on this family because he felt that they were ready to come back. I have been here for almost 12 weeks and have knocked on their door at least 100 times and they never answered!!! About two weeks ago we decided to give it one more try. We knocked on their door and they opened right up and invited us in! We taught them a little message and set a return appointment. The second time we taught them, we committed them to church. At first they were like ehhhhh but then the daughter was like we will be there. I was blown away. We wanted to make sure they kept their commitment so we told them we were coming over before on Sunday to make them breakfast and help them get ready! Haha! So yesterday we went over and made them pancakes and THEY CAME!!! I was so happy. Then after church, their two sons who aren't members told us they want to be baptized! BENDICIONES! 

Anyway, this week was super awesome. Missionary work is the best. I love you all! Read your scriptures! 

Mucho Amor!

Hermana Christensen

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