Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hello friends!

I was unable to email yesterday because it was memorial day and everything was closed.. The struggle! Anyway.. We have had such a crazy week! First things first, THERE WAS A TORNADO IN HOUSTON! It hit three streets away from our apartment really early Sunday morning! It was so freaky! I had never seen such insane weather in my entire life! We woke up to an alert on our phone telling us to take immediate cover because there was a tornado. We didn't believe it at first so we went outside, saw the winds, and immediately went back inside and took cover! It was crazy! The lightning was crazy and the thunder was shaking our apartment! We just said a prayer and ate popcorn and watched. Normally if I wasn't a missionary, I probably would have been hysterical, but I really didn't feel scared at all! Sure I felt a little nervous, but I also felt peace that everything would be ok! And it was! Luckily it wasn't a huge tornado. It just destroyed a couple apartments. Then yesterday we had another freak storm! The weather here is crazy! It hit during our last appointment. Hermana Rupp and I had to drive back home and make a run for it! We were lucky we made it home! There was a huge flood! The elders in our area didn't make it home in time and had to camp out in their car until 3 am because the water was too high to drive in! Texas is pretty intense! 

We have two more baptism dates for this month, making the grand total 6 for june! We are so excited! Remember our little friends the Torres family? Well we go into their home on Saturday and Hermana Torres just looks at us and says, "What do I need to do to be baptized?" And we just looked at her with our mouths open. The temple tour really had a strong effect on her and her husband! We have started teaching them and they are scheduled to be baptized on the 27th of June! Please keep them in your prayers! 

Well I don't have much time today! We just got back from a training for our iPads! We should be getting them soon! I am so excited to use this new technology to help the work progress on! There are going to be so many miracles because of them! Have a great week! I love you all! 

Hermana Christensen

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