Monday, May 18, 2015

El Templo


This week was so amazing!! EEEE. We got to take Lizzie to the temple to do baptisms! Even though I just sat and watched, it was still so wonderful to be in the temple again! I have missed it so much! There is such a special spirit there! Some advice to anyone who lives close to the temple and doesn't go very often.. Repent and start going! There is always time to go! We are only allowed to go to the temple if we bring a less active or a recent convert. It is a struggle because we have to get them prepared and they aren't always ready to be prepared. So we hardly ever get to go! So all y'all that are able to go when ever you want, take advantage of it and GOOOOO!!! Anyway, Lizzie LOVED the temple! It really strengthened her testimony and her conversion! I love that girl so much! The interesting thing about being a missionary is that I am literally obsessed with all these people! Sometimes I can't understand them but I just love them so much! And they don't even realize how much I love them! I think in a way it is similar to how our Heavenly Father feels for us! (Although His love is probably 100000000000000x stronger) He just wants us to reach our potential and have full access to blessings! I know it makes makes me devastated when people don't keep their commitments! Imagine how He feels when we don't keep the commandments and willingly chose to disobey Him! 

We also had temple tours this week! Once a month our mission hosts tours around the outside of the temple! I have never been able to go until this week! It was so special! We brought la familia T. We had a little miracle with them. The morning of the tour it started to rain like crazy and hispanics are a little weird about the rain. They think their whole lives have to be put on hold. So that morning we received a phone call from them and they told us they couldn't come to the tour because it was raining and I guess they can't drive when its raining! We were so sad because we had felt so strongly that they needed to be at the temple! But we knew that if the Lord needed the this family at the temple that day then He would provide a way! So we prayed and prayed and prayed that they would have a change of heart and would want to come! Well about an hour before the tour was going to start, the rain stopped and all the clouds went away! We called the them and asked if they could come and they said YES! It was so special! They came and LOVED the temple! They said they felt such a peace in their hearts. Hermana T kept saying how she had goosebumps when ever she looked at the temple. We invited them to be baptized after the tour and they accepted! They will be baptized by the end of June! Miracles all around! Woo! 

We also had transfers this week! Lucky for me, Hermana Rupp and I are both staying here! Phew! I love this area so much and honestly would be perfectly content if I stayed here my whole mission! H10 is the bomb! We also found out we are getting iPads in our mission. We are having a training on it this week! I am interested to see how it is going to help move the work along! 

Well thank you all for all your love and prayers! I love ya! Until next week! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Christensen

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