Monday, May 11, 2015

Feliz dia de las Madres!

Hola Amigos!
This week was pretty bombin! Litzi got baptized! AHHHHH! It was such a spiritual experience! Her baptism was scheduled for 1:00 but she didn't show up until about 1:20. I was having a panic attack by that time because I thought maybe she wasn't going to come! Oh me of little faith.. She came and we were able to have a beautiful service for her! She cried her eyes out! And the great thing is, we brought another investigator to watch and at the end of the baptism the investigator said she wanted to be baptized too! So now we have three dates coming up and we are so pumped! Hermana Rupp and I are going to do baptisms in the temple with Litzi this week. I am so excited because I know Litzi is going to have such a great experience! And I haven't been in the temple for almost 4 months now and I have been missing it! Wooo!

We have some pretty solid investigators that we have been teaching. They are so open to the gospel and are keeping commitments! That is the key to getting people close to baptism. They HAVE to be keeping commitments! How could they possibly keep their baptismal covenants if they can't do something as simple as coming to church or reading their scriptures every single day? It has been such a blessing to witness how people change as they act! Being a missionary is such a blessing! We get to watch the atonement work in the lives of everyone! 

We had another neat experience this week with our English class. We teach english classes in the church and in many of the schools in the spring branch district. It is really interesting that they let missionaries in the schools! There are so many blessings because of it! Anyway, this week the coordinator for the school district had us help out at a service event. It was an opportunity for parents to come and look for more ways to serve in the community. The lady wanted us to be the "face" of the event and so she asked us to help sign people in and direct traffic! It was so fun and it was great exposure for the church! We had so many people ask us who we were and what we did! At the end of the event, the administrators of the district told us how much we have changed their community and how much they love us and are grateful for us! They even got a little emotional about it. They said that just by having missionaries in their schools, parents and others were getting more motivated to serve and help out in the community. It is amazing how much effect a good example can have on people! 

Well friends, I hope y'all have a great week! I love you all and miss ya! Always look for missionary opportunities! :) 

Love, Hermana C.

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