Monday, June 29, 2015

Milagros cada dia

Hola amigos!
Ivonne and her family got baptized this week! It was such a spiritual
experience! They were so excited! We had a really neat experience with
their family earlier this week! So on Monday Ivonne called us and said
that she had thrown out her back and she couldn't get off the floor.
Luckily I am a CNA and Hermana Rupp is a medical assistant so she was
in good hands. We were able to get her off the floor and on the couch.
She was in so much pain. We were really worried because Ivonne could
barely move and we didn't know if she would be able to be baptized
this week. The adversary was working so hard on her! We spent the day
praying about what we should do. We still had a few things to teach
her and we didn't know if she would be ready by Friday. We were super
stressed and kept praying for a very direct answer. All throughout the
day we didn't feel like we were getting a clear answer. So we decided
to take action and see how the Lord directed us. After a lot of
pondering, we decided to postpone the baptism until Sunday. We called
the Ward Mission Leader and told him our plan. About 5 minutes after
we hung up the phone, we received a random text from President
Mortensen. Without knowing anything about what was going on, he asked
us how Ivonne was doing and if she was getting baptized on Friday. We
explained to him the situation and he told us and I quote, "Plan on
it. Remember who always waits by the water. She will be healed by
Friday. Assure her she will be ready." I was completely overcome when
I read that. We had prayed for a specific answer and we received one.
We immediately called the Ward Mission Leader and told him the baptism
was back on for Friday. We felt so much peace all week! Ivonne was
healed and she was ready and she was baptized on Friday. It was a
testimony to me that the Lord is in complete control of this work. The
adversary will do all he can to keep people from baptism but we are on
the winning team! As we listen to the promptings of the spirit, we
will receive guidance and answers!
We received transfer calls last night. I am out. I won't know where I
am going until tomorrow though.. I am kinda sad.. But I feel like my
time is done here I this area! There is more for me to do somewhere
else! I will have my new address next Monday for those who asked about
Ivonnes kids bought "Missionary Barbies" the other day. They bought a
blond one and a brown haired one and they pretend they are me and
Hermana Rupp. Then instead of playing house, they play missionary
lessons. It is soooo cute! Haha!
Well my friends, the church is true! Have a wonderful week! Read your
scriptures and say your prayers!
Hermana Christensen

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