Monday, June 22, 2015

Baptisms for Days

How are y'all doing? Kevin was baptized this week!!!! It was so great!
He was so happy and the spirit was so strong! I love watching my
little investigators get baptized! It fills my heart with pure joy!!
This week Ivonne and her family are getting baptized! We are so
stinking excited!!!!! They are so ready! Please keep them in your
prayers! The adversary always works really hard on people the week of
their baptism!
We actually had a really cool experience with Ivonne yesterday! She
invited us over for a bbq so we could teach one of her friends! Her
friend was this big Mexican man who could probably kill you just by
looking at you. He was intense. We started talking to him and he just
started to break down and cry right in front of us. He told us how he
is addicted to alcohol and it is ruining his life. He said he wants to
change so badly but he thinks it is too late. We were able to testify
to him of the atonement and the power of the Book of Mormon. He just
cried and cried. The spirit was so strong! He agreed that he would
come to church on Sunday and he is going to start reading the Book of
Mormon. It was such a blessing to be there right at that time to help
There are so many cool experiences we have had in this area! I love it
so much! Next week is transfers and I have gotten a couple of hints
that I am going to be leaving my area. It makes me kinda sad but I
guess we shall see what happens! The Lord will send me where ever I am
So update on the hurricane... Biggest disappointment of my life.
Hurricane Bill turned into Tropical Storm Bill who later turned into
just Rain Storm Bill who by the time it got to us, was just Great
Depression Bill. It just rained... Lightly.. Everyone felt pretty dumb
for freaking out and buying supplies like it was the end of the world.
There were some nasty tornados that hit some parts of Houston, but we
didn't get affected. But who knows.. Hurricane season just started!
We get to go to the temple tomorrow!! Ahhhhh!!!!! I haven't been in to
do a session my whole entire mission! President just decided that we
should all go so we could receive revelation for our areas! I am so so
excited!!!!!! We are doing the 10am session with our district
tomorrow!! Eeeeeee!
Well darlings, have a wonderful week! I shall talk to y'all another
time! Be good and read your scriptures!!!
Hermana Christensen

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